In Brooklyn @Little Skips

I'm digging the vibe on the corner of Willoughby Ave and Charles Pl, in Brooklyn. It reminds me of Panther Coffee (A specialty coffee shop in Miami, Fl) without the super rush. The people here  don't seem to be trying to be something there not.
I admire and respect that about NYC period. They  say that New Yorkers are rude. But the natives from NY are not rude is the people that come from other places that are.
To say that the people are like hippies, is an understatement. I would just simply call them creators.

I will forever be musician but I would like to be called "A creator of music" Just like many have asked me what is Soulternative Music, or Soulternative?

Soulternative (adj.) - a sound that is alternative to what is normal, it can also be a visionary, revolutionary and evolving person.

To define something is to see its purpose. I believe that people can walk and talk to God. But I often wonder, can we live with God and not evolve? How? 

I don't mean to get all philosophical. However, allow me to express before I digress. Inner peace is something that must be able  to grow in order to evoke evolution within self and others. 

Helping to plant positive seeds and water them and give them the proper care. Is very, very important. As I sit among the people I feel their energy and how that is intertwining with other energies... We must evolve..

A little history about my faith. For a long time I ran away from God cause in truth I didn't think he loved me. But when I started to evolve that's when I started to see God for who he really is. 

No one really knows when or how one's life's is going to turn out until they decide to walk their own path. I'm not talking about the path your parents or your friends want for you. But the path you choose... I can't tell you which way to go. I can only guide you there. In the end you still choose. God is and will always be with you. Even when all the leaves fall off, and blow away to the wind. He will be there standing with you.

Back to vibe... 

As I sit here at little skips café in Brooklyn and they  bump my song from "The Roots" What They Do"(on the IIIadelph Halflife album from 96). I feel a sense of nostalgia. This song takes me back to the first time I heard this song... 

I was in high school I was about 16 I started getting into The Roots and was like damn I should start a band like that, only me as a singer,  you know?  Then of course 15 years later I join the band  "Affiliate Soul Team". Evolution at its best. 

There is something about this  place under the train station "Little Skips." There is a really cool vibe. It is not to much or to little it's just  right... The food and coffee is amazing. They say less is more and this spot reps this well.


So I leave you with this.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" -Jimi Hendrix 

End of Transmission 



Hello, and welcome to a place where you can be yourself at all times... Here is where we will talk   openly and freely. Music, Life and Love... 

I will open and leave you with this. We all have a purpose. We will lose and win some but as long as you're living you still have a chance... You are the one that made it to come into this world. You are better then what they say you are 

End of Transmission